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28 Oktober 2020 08:41

22W LED Bulb (5000K, 2-Pack)

Perfect Replacement--Wide beam angle 270° provides an omnidirectional light distribution, just like an incandescent bulb. E27 medium screw base guarantees easy installation on ceiling light fixtures, pendant fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps or bare lamp sockets, ideal for home and commercial lighting.

Money-Saving & Energy Efficient--Long life service time of 22.8 years (based on 3 hrs/day) ensures no need to change bulbs frequently. Saving over 88% ($240) on your energy bill by replacing 200 watts with ONLY 22 WATTS.
Healthy Light--No flickering and comfortable lighting without harsh glares help to reduce eye strain, increase visual range, and protect eyesight. CRI80+ provides a true color temperature experience. Everything is just pleasant in your eyes!
Wide Applications--5000K daylight and 3000 lumens output make it perfect for your ceiling fan, bedroom desk lamp, dining room chandelier, bathroom vanity, garage, basement, office room or task lighting.
Certified Quality--SANSI bulbs are crafted to meet international safety and reliability standards. With our 2-year warranty and 30-day-no-questions-asked policy, you can sure buy with confidence.

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