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21 August 2019 07:53

6 x Automatisches Bewässerungsgerät mit Steuerventil für Pflanzen - 2,12 €

Dieses Gadget war euch vielleicht neu(für mich ganz normal), aber es gibt wohl wirklich nichts was es nicht gibt. Falls Ihr Pflanzen zuhause aber nicht so viel Zeit habt, könnt ihr mal dieses kleine Gadget probieren. Ihr bekommt 6 Stück Upgraded Automatische Sprayer Bewässerungsgerät mit Steuerventil für 2,12€ inkl. Versand. Der Preis ändert sich automatisch im Warenkorb.

Preisvergleich laut PandaCheck ab 9,2€ - ihr spart also gute 7€


1. Upgrade Design: 
The newest plant waterer design with fixed support structure, can prevent self-watering device dumping during using it. The upgrade regulating switch design, seamless connect the tube, effective prevent leaking.
2. Flow Controllable: 
Unlike other versions, the newly upgraded valve can effectively controls the flow rate of water. You can set traffic for 1-15 days or More depending on the time you need , no any troublesome setup. The upgraded valve flow control is more precise, and will never kill your plants because the water is flowing too fast or too slow.
3. Suitable for all bottles: 
Newly upgraded Self-Watering spike can be used with bottles of any size. The new anti-tilt bracket allows your Self-Watering system to not tilt when the fitted bottle is too large. Don't waste time finding the right bottle, Any bottle makes the Self-Watering system work.
4. Easy to Use: 
Without any tedious installation, You just need drill some holes at bottom of bottle or cut it and then a regulating valve that can adjust the speed of the flow. Whether indoor/outdoor plant or garden, home or office, this self watering spikes system ensure your plants hydrated.
5. Economic And High Quality: 
This plant watering system is made of ABS plastic. A green and environmental product approved by the environmental protection department.
6. Accurate amount of water: 
Give didfferent amount of water for different plant and flowers, Don't become a plant killers, others either water too little or too much.In some plants, old leaves just turn yellow and drop. But if new growth is yellow it could be a sign of overwatering or underwatering.
7. Enjoy your vacation with your family:
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