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19 Juni 2017 11:59

Binwo 1080p Full-HD Autokamera mit 16GB Speicherkarte für 29,99 EUR inkl. Versand

Binwo 1080p Full-HD Autokamera

Bei Amazon ab 29,99€ mit Prime

Auf den Preis kommt ihr mit dem Gutschein: RCXR2LVV

Ohne Prime kommen die VSK hinzu.

Nächster Preis: ca. 50€

  • Full HD & Panoramic Shots: 3.0 inch 1080p full HD resolution of up to 170 degree ultra wide angle lens and superior WDR Night Vision System for high quality video Day Guarantee and night) – with Panorama View – The both side of the include street and its surroundings.
  • Secure, Smart and automatic: in built G-sensor detect ignition, movement, crash and vibration automatic recording and storage video files.
  • High efficiency: Seamless loop video recording allows for efficient storage system using automatically unlocked Old videos to be used with written on current Bilder. Support H. 264 photography compression technology for maximum shot.
  • Easy to install & use: Lockable Suction Cup Mount for Easy and stable installation, plus user friendly operational interface supporting multiple languages.
  • Support max. 32 GB SD Card: comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card for your convenience. Note: The built-in battery is mainly used to save files in emergency. Please always connect to external power while it is in use.

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