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17 Januar 2019 06:15

Charlie's Planet - kostenlos [Google Play]

KIm Google Playstore bekommt man heute die App Charlie's Planet kostenlos als Download. Sonst kostet die App mindestens 1,89 EUR.


Charlie’s Planet is a colorful and cheerful game that contains puzzles of various difficulty and gameplay. The game is designed to educate kids on the life of animals in their natural habitat. We have carefully chosen animals of various appearance and behavior—while playing a kid learns how to compare them, thus learns to categorize, sort and organize. Such skills will be really helpful further in life.

Besides, puzzles themselves are very useful for kid's development: they improve hand-eye coordination, include problem-solving, reasoning and developing approaches in order to achieve goals. In Moonlight Tale we decided to extend the learning experience for a toddler by adding a basic counting. This game will be a good start to learn numbers and counting by repeating and memorizing the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10.

The game includes three chapters: Polar Adventure, African Journey and Moonlight Tale. More surprises are coming soon!

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