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28 Mai 2020 08:19

Gemwars PRO - kostenlos [Google Playstore]

Im Google Playstore bekommt man heute das Spiel Gemwars PRO als Download. kostenlos. Sonst kostet es 1,89 EUR.


Gemwars is an epic combination of a block collapsing puzzle genre and a turn based strategy game in which you will play against computer (artificial intelligence) in 40 levels of increasing difficulty! Can you beat all the enemies? Collect MANA & use various magic and spells on your way!

Note: After the first introducing "easy" levels you will stand against a real smart artificial intelligence! You will have to think strategically and combine breaking gems with using spells to win the battle!


✓ Tap on a group of 2 or more same types of gems to destroy them! There is shown a DAMAGE GEM at the top of the screen - it shows a color of the gem, that causes damage to the enemy! Other colors give you corresponding MANA points or coins, you can use these coins after each battle to buy new spells and other upgrades! Defeat your enemy before he gets you! (Please review detailed instructions included in a HOW TO PLAY section of the game)

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