Chrispy in Kostenloses
31 August 2017 18:09

Gratis "DeepAbyss+" anstatt 0,89€

Im Google Play Store bekommt ihr mal wieder eine gut bewertete App gratis.

"DeepAbyss+" kostet normalerweise immer mindestens 0,89€.

Das Game bekommt schöne 4,4 von 5 Sternen bei 152 Bewertungen.

In dem Spiel müsst ihr mit eurem U-Boot die tiefen des "Abyss" erkunden.


Control the newest submarine the Deep Abyss, please collect the radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea!

Searching for radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea using sonar and torpedoes and your senses. Various obstacles will interfere with your search.

It consists of a 50 normal missions, 50 hard missions and more challenge missions. Use a mission rewards, you can upgrade the Deep Abyss.

Some of the profits will be donated for the clean sea Please try to get a clean sea!

Caution : If you delete the game, data

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