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07 März 2020 12:36

KN95 FFP2 Maske für 3,28€ inkl. Versand(Statt 6€)

Falls ihr noch  nach einer Maske sucht, solltet ihr diesen Deal nicht verpassen. Ihr bkommt eine KN95 FFP2 Maske für 3,28€ inkl. Versand. 

Auf Amazon kostet eine KN95 FFP2 Maske mind. 6€ .

- KN95 Breathing Protective Mask. Equivalent to FFP2 and N95 standard mask effect.
- Non-oily particulate filtering effect > 97%, 4-layer filtration system, nano-layer filtration.
- Closer to the face for tighter protection.
- Soft and flexible breathable, ideal for Sensitive skin allergy.
- Meet your different needs, whether you are running, running, city driving, house cleaning or outdoor activities, you will be the best for your health.
- Using Anti-pollution Mask reduces the risk of inhalation of harmful gases such as odors, pollen, smoke, dust and other harmful particles for hospitals, schools, travel, cleaning, painting, construction, outdoor activities.

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