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19 November 2019 08:38

Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro - kostenlos [Google Playstore]

Im Playstore bekommt man heute die App Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro als Download. Sonst kostet die App mindestens 32,99 EUR!!! So könnt ihr eine hochwertige App gratis bekommen!


*** Used by countless Chinese language learners worldwide, Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro is the most effective Chinese word and character learning app!

Do you want to massively boost your Chinese vocabulary and character recognition in a fun and interactive way? Then join thousands of users around the world learning Chinese with the Hero Method!

Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro will allow you to effortlessly learn all 5000 words included in the standardized Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK Levels 1-6). Mastering these 5000 words is a crucial step in achieving true fluency in the Chinese language. The Hero Method allows you to quickly learn Chinese characters by enforcing a recall and recognition process, essential for long-term memory.

Supporting both simplified characters (mainland China) and traditional characters (used primarily in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), HSK Hero Pro suits the needs of all learners of the Chinese language, from novice through to advanced.

With gorgeous graphics, beautifully rendered Chinese characters, and traditional Chinese instrument sound effects, Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro is not only an incredible learning tool but also a delight to use.

Take your Chinese to the next level! Get Learn Mandarin - HSK Hero Pro today!

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