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26 Juli 2016 09:49

Mini Beamer LCD LED Portbaler HD Projektor WIFI TV Heimkino Videoprojektor Unterstützt für 77,99€

1.VAG Input:

● Choose PC-RGB input, and connect project with VGA device
● Switch to projection by computer: Win 7 system press Fn plus P, other system press Fn plus F and the asterisk key
● While working, 5V out can use to charge cellphone or tablet 
2.Wireless Display:
● Wireless function support MIRACAST Protocol and other popular wireless connection 
● Select Wireless Display source and press OK enter Uni-Link page 
● If you see SSID: UNi-Link-1E000CE, then go to operate your device 
● If you use Android device, please confirm your device can support WIFI DISPLAY 
● More details instruction please kindly to check user manual 
3.How to use DLNA:
● Press OK button on remote or keypad to switch to DLNA mode 
● Connect your mobile to Uni-Link-XXXXXXX, then you can push multimedia content from your mobile to projector

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