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27 Oktober 2020 08:56

Tragbare Reisetasche Schutztasche für 10,49€ inkl. Versand(Statt 20,99€)

Mit dem Code QZR6U99H bekommt ihr heute die Tragbare Reisetasche Schutztasche für 10,49€ inkl. Versand.

PVG 20,99€

  • ✅ 1 Empty Refillable Container Set carries the best protection✅ Only 1 BRAVEDGE Portable Protection Bag is sufficient without the additional purchase of containers. You can carry the best protection to keep you safe, clean and distance, no matter work, go to school, go to fitness, camping, travel, business trip.
  • ✅Anti Touch Door Opener to keep distance✅ No Touch Door Opener with bottle opener is ideal for avoiding dirt and pollution that exists on any public surfaces: door handles, elevator buttons, flush toilets, ATM keypads, trash cans, POS terminals, etc.
  • ✅Bottles of various sizes and uses✅ Empty spray bottles of 50 ML and pump bottle of 50 ML are carried to go out.
  • ✅ Face Cover Clip and Case ✅ Face Cover Clip for 1 pcs and Case for 5 pcs to protect and storage. Both they can effectively protect the face cover and prevent secondary pollution of the face cover, besides dustproof, waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • ✅ Love is to give him or her the best protection ✅ Even when we must go out, we can carry the best protection with us. A useful gift for your family, friends, classmate, colleague and employee. Worry-free to go out.

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