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08 Mai 2021 09:44

XANES USB wiederaufladbare COB-Arbeitsleuchte

Ein tolles Angebot bei Banggood. Ihr bekommt die XANES USB wiederaufladbare COB-Arbeitsleuchte zum Preis von 10,90€ inkl. Versand.

PVG 22,09€


Lamp bead

Type A:

T6+28SMD2835+10SMD2835 red and blue wick

Type B:

T6+8COB+12SMD2835 red and blue wick

Product size

60*125*42mm (Big)



Product material


Charging method

USB charging

Charging time

3 hours

Battery capacity

Built-in 2200 mAh 18650 battery

Endurance time

3-5 hours

Power display

Side charge display


1: The product has a power indicator, you can always know the remaining battery.
2: There are powerful magnets on the bottom, you can stick to any iron surface.
3: The bottom frame can be turned into a hook and can be hung in many places.
4.Equipped with alternating red and blue lights, which can be used as warning lights

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