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05 Juli 2019 10:49

(Xiaomi Youpin) Xiaovv B7 Smart WIFI HD 1080P IP Camera Nachtsicht

Hier gibt es die Xiaovv B7 Smart WIFI HD 1080P IP Camera Nachtsicht für 29,11€ inklusive Versandzur Vorbestellung.  Ihr könnt euch entscheiden, ob eine Transportversicherung notwendig ist.


Preisvergleich habe ich bei PandaCheck sowie idealo nicht gefunden, weil es sich um eine neueste Version handelt. Der originaler Preis auf der Produktseite beträgt 54,53€.


- HD Lens, Clear Picture

The following pictures have not been retouched to restore the real daily scene.


- PTZ Rotation, Large-Scale Monitoring 

The horizontal direction can be rotated by 360°, and the vertical direction can be rotated by 90°. The monitoring angle is wide. 


- Multiple Storage Methods 

Support 128G Micro SD card storage, compatible with NVR DVR storage and cloud storage, can also be archived for unexpected situations


- IP66 Waterproof Level Waterproof, adapt to outdoor environments even in bad weather


- AI Humanoid Detection, Reducing False Positives

With the help of the artificial intelligence learning algorithm, it is possible to intelligently analyze the humanoid contours in the picture, so that there is a talent alarm, which avoids false alarms caused by flying insects, pets, and light changes.


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